What is Faithwalking?

Faithwalking is discipleship process that will help facilitate personal transformation in the lives participants. It begins with a high impact weekend retreat followed by a 24 week process in which the participants receive ongoing training, and personal coaching.

Faithwalking 101

Faithwalking 101 is a 2 hour class lasting seven weeks. The class sessions are taught by the Faithwalking teaching team, and include times of solitude and reflection over the content of the sessions, and small group sessions for discussion. By the end of the retreat you will have some clarity about the areas of your life where the Holy Spirit desires to work.

Faithwalking 201

Faithwalking 101 is followed by, and is a prerequisite for, Faithwalking 201. This is phase 2 of the Faithwalking process for which one must register to participate.

201 consists of

Meetings: Participants meet with a group of people every two weeks for an hour and 15 minutes. The entire process consists of 24 weeks with 12 meetings. Childcare is provided.
Weekly homework: Each participant receives a 201 notebook with homework to be completed each week. This homework is designed with the objective of getting into action around specific life change.
Coaching: Each 201 participant is assigned a Faithwalking coach. This coach assists the participant in their journey as they process the weekly homework. Each week the participant joins in a conference call on the phone with one other participant and their coach. The total length of the call is 45 minutes.
At the end of Faithwalking 201 the participant will have begun to experience some powerful breakthroughs in their lives and will be encouraged to continue in the process.

Faithwalking Testimonies

“I have seen real transformation in my vision for what God’s plan is for my life. I have realized the benefit of journaling and have experienced the power from consistently having a daily workout. People around me have seen positive changes in my life.”
“Faithwalking has been very hard, troubling, scary, and downright tough, but it has brought a higher level of awareness of how God is working in my life. It has brought a lot of peace and joy to a once broken and troubled heart. I look forward to what God will do to bring me closer to Him.”
“I have learned how to better address anxiety in my life. The Faithwalking experience has challenged me to “do conflict’ differently.” When faced with conflict, anxiety, and stress, during these past few months, I have had the resources to truly get through these things in a way that is pleasing to Christ. That is very different for me.”